Anna Schaad "Archer" 2009 - Photo by Nicki Bailey


Anna Schaad is a composer, musician, producer and teacher who plays an active role as an artist in her community with her unique style and original music. She is dedicated to inspiring people to follow their passion, to live artful, generous lives, and to work to protect and improve our quality of life in the Northwest and around the world.

A native of the Pacific Northwest, Anna began her musical life at a tender age, immersing herself in classical music with the piano and violin. She was lucky enough to experience the Seattle Youth Symphony as a member for four years, immersed in the the great classical symphonic works, and studied under concert violist Paul Coletti at the University of Washington as a junior and senior in High School. In 1991, Anna combined a B.A. degree in American History with her love for music at the Evergreen State College and created the “Talking Fiddle Program” – a music therapy program designed to touch the hearts and minds of our regions senior citizens and Alzheimers patients.

Anna’s horizon expanded into the genres of American and Celtic fiddling, as well as to blues and bluegrass, and meanwhile she discovered the fair town of Bellingham, a place near and dear to her heart. Anna discovered the pure musical joy of playing celtic, blues and folk music with electric and acoustic violin in bands in the Pacific Northwest including the Clumsy Lovers, Tim McHugh and the Lost Poets, and Vancouver B.C.’s Paperboys, as well as pursuing the world of studio work and studio recording with local artists and people passing through, like Big Brother and the Holding Company.

Anna Schaad - Musician - Composer - ProducerAnna’s debut CD, The Raven Project, was released in 1998 and explored the range and versatility of her newly commissioned electric five-string viola, “Wicked Grace.” This project forged her friendship with one of her great musical allies, David MacVittie, a multi-instrumental song wizard of Canadian origin, and heralded the birth of Raven Fiddle Productions. Her second album, Songspell, was a further collaboration with David into the genre of Celtic-blues fusion, giving their amazing work as a duo the attention it deserved. Anna released her third album The Journey in September 2001. A blending of classical, celtic and world influence, The Journey reflects Anna’s innovative, eclectic style. Her captivating melodic lines and symphonic arrangement developed in this Neo-classical celtic album which tells the story of a woman’s journey into a Supernatural world. Anna particularly enjoyed creating an elaborate theatrical performance of this music at the Mount Baker Theatre in Bellingham, Washington.

Besides touring and performing original work with her musician buddies, Anna also appears as a featured artist with other entertainers. She has appeared in tandem with David MacVittie in New York, Canada, New Zealand and Australia with the four- time World Champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, playing a variety of electric violins in furious harmony with the Highland Pipes. This touring culminated in a live recording at the Sydney Opera House. Anna currently enjoys performing in Charleston, South Carolina with the Charleston Christmas Show annually. Anna teaches in Bellingham and Anacortes, and her students play her original work as well as celtic, classical, and blues. She lives with her bohemian Naval Pilot husband in Anacortes, Washington and enjoys gardening, horseback riding, sea kayaking, cooking, skiing, being with friends, making merry, and all things adventuresome.